Muhammad Ardhin

Marketing Operations & Technology Expert

Adobe Certified Expert (Campaign Business Practitioner)
(ex) Marketo Certified Expert | (ex) Marketo Certified Revenue Cycle Analyst
HubSpot Marketing Software Certified | HubSpot Sales Software Certified


Muhammad Ardhin is a Marketing Operations & Technology Expert with multiple Marketing Automation Platform certifications under his belt, and years of professional experiences in leading technology and digital marketing projects.

This page serves to introduce what Muhamad Ardhin can do, and what to expect when doing a collaboration with him.

What I Do

Ardhin is a multi-platform Marketing Automation Expert. With Marketo as his core strength, Ardhin has led numerous Marketing Automation projects from end to end. Ardhin has analyzed business requirements for MAP implementation, configures database setup, worked on SSL implementation, handles system integration, code Email and Landing Page Template, configures analytics setup, and led more than 500 campaign projects.

Ardhin’s latest work centers around people, operations, and system transition; handling data and system migration from Marketo & Salesforce to Adobe Campaign, as well as providing guides and training sessions for marketers for the new change of systems and processes. Ardhin also has experience and professional certifications in HubSpot Sales Software and HubSpot Marketing Software.

Portfolio: Marketing Operations & Technology

Ardhin is an award-winning employee who has led successful project implementations, mainly Digital Marketing and Software Development projects. Getting the experience from being a student leader who led hundreds of students for around 4 years, as well as a Marketing Director of a Software House, Ardhin thrives in the corporate world as a Project Manager. Some notable projects are:

  • Quintiq World Tour 2017: Ardhin manages the project with a team of content writers, graphic designers, and software developers to deliver exceptional services in the digital side of the event. Ardhin was nominated as an exceptional employee for this project, and won (Quintiq Freedom Award)
  • Prospect Portal Product Development and Service Management: Ardhin led more than 700 special Landing Page Projects by collaborating with Sales / Account Executives, graphic designers, and content writers using a product called Prospect Portal. Ardhin also manages the product and led Software Developers to continuously improve and maintain the product.
  • Lead Engagement Campaigns: Ardhin led email marketing projects by doing extensive analysis on Quintiq’s lead database, and leading the team to craft special messages based on each segmentations resulted.

Portfolio: Project & Product Management

Ardhin has worked on numerous web development projects and during his 7 years of professional experience, has worked with multiple stacks of technologies focusing on the Front End aspect of web development.

Ardhin is able to create responsive, pixel-perfect, cross browser, and cross device (even BlackBerry!) web pages from any graphic design, and he has worked with multiple Content Management System, including but not limited to WordPress, Prestashop, and CouchCMS.

Ardhin is also proficient in Email HTML coding, and was responsible for Quintiq’s Marketo Email Template Master which was maintained and used for the Marketing Department’s main email activity for over 2 years.

Ardhin also has experiences in Web Asset Management and Web Publishing.

Portfolio: Web Development & CMS

Ardhin is a technical writer with experience in analyzing AND translating complex Software architectures, data flow processes, and business operation processes – into layman-friendly diagrams and documents. For every project he contributed or led, Ardhin put special focus on documentation, and uses those documentation for the purpose of team discussion, system improvements, guidelines, and training sessions.

Ardhin has worked on organizational changes, trainings, customer discussion, and business negotiations - by utilizing clearly written documentation and neatly designed diagrams of systems and processes.

Portfolio: Technical Writing

Being a people centric person, Ardhin adapts his approach to the person he is facing. He believes in the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated. For the products that he manages, Ardhin approaches his customers differently and help them with the issues they are facing the way they can understand it best. Ardhin has served executives, middle-management, tech teams, marketing teams, sales teams, designers, writers, and administrative teams.

Portfolio: Customer Support & Technical Support

Muhammad Ardhin's journey has come a long way. Being a person thirsty of knowledge and experience, Ardhin has faced different challenges and overcomes them all, only to be enriched by the experience gained along the way.

Starting from a humble beginning as a programming instructor, Ardhin have enjoyed a teaching career, enterpreneurship, consultancy, various IT-related roles as Web Developer, IT Tech Support, IT Project Manager, and Tech Writer - before deciding that marrying Marketing, Technology, and Operations, as something he would like to specialize at.

Download his resume to understand more about his career journey.

Quintiq Freedom Award

Collaborate With Me

If you consider what Muhammad Ardhin can provide you is beneficial for you or your organization, so why not collaborate?

Muhammad Ardhin's experience and knowledge can be utilized for you as you wish it. In addition, collaborating with Ardhin means opening the door to advanced technical resources that he has at his disposal.

In Ardhin's personal opinion, the best working relationship is a project-based contract work.

A project-based work will have more clarity: on what is expected, on the requirements of the project, on the nature of the project, on the project timeline, scope, etc.

However, Ardhin understands that situation may not always be suitable for a complete and thorough analysis of requirements, and in any project, requirements will surely grow, and project plan will surely need to be adjusted - and hence, Ardhin is not closing himself off from other kinds of working relationship.

Contact Ardhin for further discussion on how to best collaborate together.

Muhammad Ardhin can serve as an executioner, project manager, and quality assurance for you.

  1. Executioner

    Ardhin can serve as a good executioner of projects.

    How do Ardhin intends to execute projects / tasks?

    For every project and task that Ardhin got, Ardhin will do an analysis and provide an analysis document to explain the task at hand, an estimation of timeline of execution, an estimation of delivery, and forseen challenges / risk.

  2. Manager of Projects

    Ardhin can serve as a good manager of projects.

    How do Ardhin intends to manage projects / tasks?

    For every project and task that Ardhin got, similar to project execution, Ardhin will do an analysis and provide an analysis document to explain the task at hand, an estimation of timeline of execution, an estimation of delivery, and forseen challenges / risk. In addition, Ardhin will also analyze the resources necessary to deal with the project, highlight scope, and document the Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Chart.

    Ardhin will create a Team Charter document after an initial discussion with the resources available to make sure everyone’s role and responsibilities is captured in the project. Ardhin will try to distribute the tasks as best as he could.

  3. Quality Assurance

    Ardhin can serve as a good quality checker for projects and tasks.

Muhammad Ardhin is ready to tackle any challenge. As person with technical background, Ardhin found love for problem solving and is not afraid of a good puzzle to solve. Ardhin is committed to try his best to contribute on the collaboration.

That being said, though Ardhin will be very, very excited to collaborate with you, please know that Ardhin have several limitations. As a Muslim, Ardhin cannot help you if the project or task is about something that may not fit with his religious belief as a Muslim. Thus please understand if Ardhin may reject certain projects or tasks.

For example, if your business or the project or task is related to a religious means / mysticism / culture-specific, or are meant for these kind of industries:

  • Tobacco
  • Weaponry
  • Pork
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Drugs
  • Insurance, Banking and Financial institutions

...unfortunately, Ardhin will not be able to collaborate with you or help you in any way.